Sathnest stands as a beacon of innovation in the technology landscape, having developed a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge software and games. Our journey spans nine unique ventures, each a testament to our versatility and creativity. From intricate web applications to dynamic mobile apps, and immersive video games, our projects reflect a commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm. At Sathnest, we are not just building products; we are crafting experiences that resonate and inspire.

Sathwik Mamidi


OnlyOnePremium originated as a unique subscription service enabling website owners to offer their visitors an ad-free browsing experience. It boasted a straightforward integration process, allowing web administrators to add the service to their sites with just a single line of code.

Subscribers would pay a monthly fee, from which OnlyOnePremium took a percentage, and the rest was distributed proportionally among the websites visited by the user. This approach aimed to create an alternative revenue stream for website owners while providing users with uninterrupted browsing.

However, OnlyOnePremium later transitioned to a shared SaaS login model. In this new format, subscribers could access multiple SaaS products under a single subscription plan. Despite the innovative approach, both models encountered significant challenges, leading to the eventual discontinuation of the service. emerged as an innovative 'link in bio' platform, uniquely crafted to allow users to showcase and share their favorite things, facilitating connections with others who have similar tastes. Unlike traditional 'link in bio' tools that focus on sharing profiles, was designed to reflect users' personalities and professional interests through their favorite movies, music, travel destinations, and more. It functioned as a single-page social network, enabling users to express themselves in a concise yet comprehensive manner.

A standout feature of was its ability to calculate and display a compatibility percentage on each profile, indicating the degree of similarity between the favorites of different users. This feature aimed to organically bring together like-minded individuals based on shared interests, without requiring active effort from the users.

Despite its unique concept and the potential to revolutionize social connections, faced challenges in gaining traction. The initial feedback was less encouraging than anticipated, and with the intense competition in the market, the project eventually had to be discontinued. is a unique massively multiplayer incremental game, notable for its distinctive economic model that incentivizes players to earn in-game currency through acts of generosity. The core concept revolves around a system where donations to other players are rewarded, fostering a lively community spirit. This innovative approach to gameplay mechanics not only enhances player engagement but also cultivates a robust sense of community among participants. As a result, evolved into a community-centric game, with players actively sharing their experiences and strategies across various digital platforms.

The game's underlying mechanics are ingeniously designed, featuring a multiplier that increases with each act of donation, thereby creating a virtuous cycle of giving and receiving. This design principle underlines the rewarding nature of generosity within the game's universe. Despite its success and the engaging experience it offers, faced challenges in attracting a broader audience and finding effective monetization strategies within this niche genre. The game continues to operate but with diminished user engagement. presents an innovative twist in the online gaming world as a massively multiplayer online zero-player game that operates autonomously, requiring minimal player interaction. This game captured the attention of its audience with real-time competition and a user-friendly interface, offering a novel and engaging gaming experience.

Upon entering the game, players simply input their username to begin. The game then unfolds as a persistent race where the key to advancement lies in the duration a player keeps the game open in their browser. Players are represented as turtles moving forward when the game is active. Conversely, closing the game turns their avatar into a sleeping rabbit, visible to other players who can overtake the inactive user in the race. This unique mechanic emphasizes persistence over active participation, appealing especially to players who prefer a more passive gaming experience.

This concept resonated profoundly within the Reddit incremental gaming community, marking as a significant hit. Originally developed as a hobby project, it lacked a monetization model but continues to operate, maintaining its charm and appeal even without active development. is a unique massively multiplayer online game for Android, blending elements of space racing and incremental gameplay. In this endless cosmic race, players have the choice to start as either a star or a car, embarking on an infinite journey across the stars. The game is rich in variety, offering numerous themes and elements to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Players navigate through this boundless universe, collecting boosters to propel themselves further than their competitors. Despite its innovative approach, combining the thrill of racing with the gradual progression typical of incremental games, struggled to find its niche. The amalgamation of these two distinct genres, while creative, did not resonate with a broad audience, leading to its eventual decline in popularity.


SVHUNT, an engaging internet scavenger hunt game, offered daily challenges that captivated a young audience. Each day, participants were presented with a unique hunt, starting with a single question or clue. The answers to these questions were cleverly hidden across the internet, requiring players to unravel puzzles and navigate through various online resources. As each clue was solved, participants would unlock the next question in the series, with about 5 to 7 questions presented daily.

The diversity and creativity of each hunt were its main attractions. However, the challenge of consistently creating fresh and balanced hunts proved to be a significant hurdle. Striking the right balance was crucial; too difficult, and users might not return the next day, too easy, and the game felt more like a quiz than a hunt. Despite its initial popularity and the excitement it generated, the difficulty in maintaining this delicate balance led to the discontinuation of SVHUNT. The game's legacy remains as a testament to the challenge of engaging audiences with varied and innovative content daily.

LINKS Browser

LINKS Browser, an innovative Android browser, revolutionized the way users explore the web by aggregating a million websites, ranked according to their Alexa rankings. This browser stood out by categorizing these websites into various tags or genres, offering a user-friendly browsing experience. Its standout feature was providing previews of each website, allowing users to get a glimpse of the site's layout and content before visiting. This visual preview system made the browser exceptionally appealing and user-friendly.

In addition to browsing, users could effortlessly bookmark their favorite sites for quick access in the future. The combination of a vast library of websites, categorized for convenience, and the unique preview feature, made LINKS Browser an attractive tool for users seeking a comprehensive and visually engaging web browsing experience.

LINKS Browser later introduced an innovative feature called "One History," which allowed users to see the browsing activities of others in real time. This addition provided a communal browsing experience, where users could explore popular websites and trends based on the collective browsing data of the LINKS Browser community. Carefully designed to maintain privacy, the feature ensured no personal or sensitive browsing information was shared.

Additionally, the browser highlighted the most visited websites daily, weekly, and monthly, offering users insights into the prevailing internet trends and popular sites. This feature not only fostered a sense of community among users but also kept them informed about the most frequented online destinations, enhancing their web exploration experience.


Thvish, THe VIsual SearcH, revolutionized the traditional search engine experience by showcasing search results as web previews, moving away from the standard format of text and URLs. This innovative approach aimed to create a more visually intuitive and engaging user experience. Utilizing advanced web scraping technologies and incorporating Alexa rankings, Thvish enhanced the relevance and quality of its search outcomes, making web searches more interactive and user-friendly.

VOWALLS was an innovative platform that reimagined Wikipedia as a social network, where users could share and express their opinions on any topic. It allowed visitors to vote on these opinions, with the most popular ones, determined by upvotes and downvotes, appearing prominently at the top of each topic page. This unique approach transformed the traditional encyclopedic format into an interactive, community-driven space for sharing and valuing diverse viewpoints.